• Multi-frequency ultrasonic cell disruptor
  • DH-LX2500W
  • Multi-frequency ultrasonic cell disruptor
  • Effective volume (L): 1-100L (high borosilicate glass or stainless steel), adjustable ultrasonic power (KW): 500W-40KW.
Multi-frequency ultrasonic cell disruptor, also known as ultrasonic continuous flow crusher, has full functionality, beautiful appearance, and reliable performance.
Product Introduction
Multi-frequency ultrasonic cell disruptor, also known as the ultrasonic continuous flow crusher, has complete functions, beautiful appearance, and reliable performance. The instrument uses a large-screen display and a central microcomputer for centralized control. The ultrasonic gap time and power can be adjusted from 1% to 99%. The sample temperature can be set, and the frequency can be automatically tracked. It has automatic fault alarm function. In order to adapt to industrial production and standardized teaching, this instrument has added the function of multiple machine interconnection while maintaining the original function, performance, and stability of ultrasonic waves. Multiple ultrasonic devices can truly operate under the same parameters. The control machine can be an industrial computer, server, laptop, or desktop computer. It has flexible control and networking functions. With the cooperation of dedicated software, it can also realize production statistics and economic accounting. It also has an interface for continuous production management system, so that ultrasonic waves can be well integrated into your production and teaching.
It adopts a double-layer material cup design, with inlet and outlet for feeding, outlet for cooling liquid, and can be used in conjunction with a constant temperature slot. The material cup and the amplitude bar adopt a flexible joint, which is easy to install and unload. When the processing amount is small, the material cup can be removed and used as a conventional ultrasonic crusher.

Technical Parameters  
Model: DH-LX2500W
Extraction Method: Circulating Flow Ultrasonic Extraction
Effective Volume: 1-100L (High-boron Silicon Glass or Stainless Steel)
Ultrasonic Type: Focused Energy
Ultrasonic Power (KW): Adjustable from 500W to 40KW
Ultrasonic Frequency: 20±1KHz (Automatic Frequency Tracking)
Stirring Method: Motor Stirring
Temperature Control: -20-100℃ (Requires Matching Low-Temperature Constant Temperature Device)
Standard Ultrasonic Amplitude Bar: 20 or 22MM, Optional 10, 15, 25, 28MM
1:1 Configuration for Ultrasonic Generator and Transducer: PLC Control
Main Control Method: PLC or Single-Chip Microcomputer Control (Optional with Laptop)
Operating Method: 7-Inch True Color Touch Screen or Computer
Fault Protection: Yes
Temperature Protection: Yes
Sealed Transducer: Optional
Applicable Medium: Volatile or Non-Volatile
Application: Pilot Plant or Production
Operating Voltage: AC220V 50Hz

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